Additional Information:
School Charter Transportation, Recommended Guidelines and Procedures for Schools (pdf) [NCDMV, NCDPI, FMCSA, & NCMA]

Chatham County Schools Board of Education
Approved Motorcoach Companies for 2005-2006
[CCS Board Approved Motorcoach List 2005-2006.pdf]
Company Name: Holiday Tours, Inc.
US DOT Number: 252234
Contact Person: Gary Moody
Address: 10367 Randleman Rd.
City: Randleman, NC 27317
Phone Number: 336-498-9000
Fax Number: 336-498-2205
Emergency Contact(s): Gary Moody or Tommy Rayle
Emergency Phone(s): 336-674-7113 or 336-498-8009

Company Name: Long Creek Coach Lines
US DOT Number: 552606
Contact Person: Harold Royster
Address: 2052 Welcome Avenue
City: Henderson, NC 27536
Phone Number: 800-559-4054
Fax Number: 252-738-0101
Emergency Contact(s): Harold or Barbara Royster
Emergency Phone(s): 252-767-448 or 252-492-2114

Company Name: Southern Coach Company
US DOT Number: 0090877
Contact Person: Louis M. Wade, Jr.
Address: 1300 East Pettigrew Street
City: Durham, NC 27701
Phone Number: 919-688-1230
Fax Number: 919-688-5305
E-Mail: ____________________
Emergency Contact(s): Dispatcher on Duty
Emergency Phone(s): 919-688-1230

Company Name: American Classic Charters and Tours, Inc.
US DOT Number: 240504
Contact Person: Ruth S. Woodall
Address: 2516 Little Devine Rd.
City: Selma, NC 27576
Phone Number: 919-965-8079
Fax Number: 919-965-8079
Emergency Contact(s): Ray Woodall
Emergency Phone(s): 919-965-3635

Company Name: American Charters, LTD
US DOT Number: 191032
Contact Person: Billy Ray Rhyne
Address: 1251 West Craighead Road
City: Charlotte, NC 28206
Phone Number: 704-596-2222
Fax Number: 704-865-5382
E-Mail: ____________________
Emergency Contact(s): Robert L. Smith
Emergency Phone(s): 704-596-2222, 704-506-2208,
or 828-288-2635

Company Name: STI, LLC
US DOT Number: 1688172
Contact Person: John Benton
Address: P.O. Box 39 (4841 Maiden Hwy)
City: Maiden, NC 28650
Phone Number: 828-428-2101
Fax Number: 828-428-9128
Emergency Contact(s): Franky Goodson
Emergency Phone(s): 828-428-4102

Company Name: Burke International Tours, Inc.
US DOT Number: 211037
Contact Person: Steve Skinner
Address: 4643 Hwy 16 South
City: Maiden, NC 28650
Phone Number: 828-465-3900
Fax Number: 828-465-3912
E-Mail: ____________________
Emergency Contact(s): Shannon Sigmon
Emergency Phone(s): 828-612-8701

Company Name: Lancaster Tours, Inc.
US DOT Number: 191830
Contact Person: Sandra Haigler
Address: P.O. Box 521
City: Lancaster, SC 29720
Phone Number: 803-285-2027
Fax Number: 803-285-5185
Emergency Contact(s): Sandra and Robbie Haigler
or Robert Clemmer
Emergency Phone(s): 803-285-8512, 803-285-6190,
or 803-285-6301.

Company Name: Young Transportation
US DOT Number: 151269
Contact Person: Gil Dresback
Address: 843 Riverside Drive
City: Asheville, NC 28801
Phone Number: 828-258-0084
Fax Number: 828-252-3342
Emergency Contact(s): Dispatcher on Duty
Emergency Phone(s): Same as above
Company Name: Sunshine Travel/Express
US DOT Number: 863464
Contact Person: Shirley Howie Garrett
Address: P.O. Box 1164
City: Lancaster, SC 29721
Phone Number: 803-283-4407
Fax Number: 803-283-4409
Emergency Contact(s): Shirley Howie Garrett or Bob Garrett
Emergency Phone(s): Cell: 803-804-6023 or 803-804-6020

Company Name: Royal Tours, Inc.
US DOT Number: 0603825
Contact Person: Kimberly H. Walker
Address: P.O. Box 998
City: Randleman, NC 27317
Address: 211 W. Central Avenue
City: Asheboro, NC 27203
Phone Number: 336-629-9080
Fax Number: 336-629-9011
Emergency Contact(s): Kim Walker or Lee Hilliard
Emergency Phone(s): 336-302-9611 or 336-302-3619

Company Name: Carolina American Tours
US DOT Number: 090753
Contact Person: Diana Lynch, President
Address: 516 Federal Place
City: Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone Number: 336-272-0040
Fax Number: 336-272-0375
Emergency Contact(s): Diana Lynch
Emergency Phone(s): 336-378-9888 or 1-800-527-5506

Company Name: Cross Roads Charters and Tours
US DOT Number: 212204
Contact Person: Lana C. McCoy
Address: 275 Barber Junction Road
City: Cleveland, NC 27013
Phone Number: 704-278-3783
Fax Number: 704-278-3793
E-Mail: ____________________
Emergency Contact(s): Jerry E. McCoy or Nelson B. Myers
Emergency Phone(s): 704-278-4455 or 704-636-6385

Company Name: H & R Tours
US DOT Number: 426620
Contact Person: Dallas Ray Robbins
Address: P.O. Box 266
City: Boonville, NC 27011
Phone Number: 336-367-3966
Fax Number: 336-367-4966
Emergency Contact(s): Dallas R. Robbins
Emergency Phone(s): 336-367-5113 or 336-408-3249

Company Name: America Prestige Coaches, LTD
US DOT Number: 338611
Contact Person: Dot Denning
Address: 35 Pamela Court
City: Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
Phone Number: 919-552-2210
Fax Number: 919-552-3027
E-Mail: ____________________
Emergency Contact(s): J. D. Myrick or Dot Denning
Emergency Phone(s): 919-779-7018 or 919-894-3044

Company Name: Harris Travels
US DOT Number: 803409
Contact Person: Lindsay Harris
Address: 311 Bland Blvd.
City: Burlington, NC 27217
Phone Number: 336-226-6439
Fax Number: 336-222-0123
Emergency Contact(s): Lindsay and Amy Harris
Emergency Phone(s): 336-226-6439

Company Name: KTC Transportation Co., Inc.
US DOT Number: 932190
Contact Person: Dr. Sylvester Iheanacho
Address: 812 Eaglewood Avenue
City: Charlotte, NC 28212
Phone Number: 704-532-7605
Fax Number: 704-532-7661
Emergency Contact(s): Dorathy Iheanacho
Emergency Phone(s): 704-564-9727.
*Review of minimum qualifications required by the guidelines and procedures recommended by the School Charter Transportation Safety Committee performed by Hines Fleet Safety Consulting, Inc